Double Flatbottom Bathtub Copper

The bathtub features a unique double flatbottom design, which means it has a perfectly flat surface on both ends. This allows for a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience, whether you prefer to recline or sit upright. The double flatbottom design also adds a touch of modern elegance to the overall aesthetic of the bathtub.

It is constructed with copper, known for its durability, heat retention, and corrosion resistance. The high-quality copper used in this bathtub is carefully selected and meticulously turned to create a smooth and polished surface.

Measuring at a generous size, offers plenty of space to stretch out and immerse oneself in ultimate relaxation. It has a length of X inches, a width of X inches, and a height of X inches. These dimensions ensure that you can comfortably enjoy luxurious bathing experiences without feeling constrained or cramped.

The manufacturer pays special attention to the details of this bathtub, evident in its exquisite craftsmanship. The exterior surface of the bathtub is meticulously hand-hammered, creating a unique and visually stunning texture. This hammered texture adds a visual depth and an element of artistry to the overall design.

Comes with several features that enhance its functionality and convenience. It includes a pre-installed pop-up drain, making it quick and easy to empty the tub after use. The included overflow outlet prevents accidental flooding, providing additional safety during long and relaxing baths.

A luxurious piece that combines style, functionality, and craftsmanship. Its unique design, high-quality copper construction, and attention to detail make it a standout feature in any bathroom. With its generous dimensions and thoughtful features, this bathtub provides a comfortable and indulgent bathing experience. Anzzi Furniture Deals.

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